Decisions by Design

Losing Weight, Booking Flights, Investing Money, Getting Taxis, Growing a Business, Beating our Personal Best, Grading Staff Performances, Incentive Programs and more..

Product Stories reveals how data informs our decisions by design + the behavioural science behind it all

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Selection of Companies Featured in Season 1 of Product Stories

About the Show

We explore the stories behind "Productive Analytics" apps in season one.

Productive Analytics = data + decisions connected in the same product by design

Look at these examples:

  • Skyscanner slide

    Deciding When to Fly

    In Skyscanner's "Month Chart", users see prices by day and make a decision when to fly using the graph. The perfect example of Productive Analytics.

  • Peloton leaderboard

    What's Up Peloton !

    Peloton's leaderboard is effective for both competition and community support. The position of your Personal Record is a clever real-time framing device: beat your record and it moves below you. Subtle but effective!

    Learn more about why this is so effective by subscribing to the show. 

  • Uber slide

    Deciding on a Ride

    Uber's UX research team is leading the way with extensive research programs. Large scale studies informed features like surge pricing and more recently "Uber Pro" - their driver Rewards program.

    Hear from UX researchers at Uber on the show - subscribe now for updates. 

  • Wearables

    One Step at a Time

    The science of nudges and the psychology of framing effects are at work in the latest wearable tech. The effectiveness of the design choices in FitBit and Apple Watch hardware is no accident. 

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  • Finance slide

    Show Me the Money!

    There are studies showing how Design can change the way people perceive risk and value. Ultimately, that means the design of a chart alone can influence stock trading! 

    To understand the role design plays in financial decision-making, subscribe to the show 

Designing Good Decisions is Hard

There's much more to it, but underneath all these products is the same basic process: Data is made visual and decoded by our eyes and our mind. 

It's not a perfectly accurate system - our eyes can trick us and our minds can be systematically biased

This is why these Product Stories are so interesting.

  • Screenshot 2021 05 11 at 23.43.24
    Data stored in a database
  • Screenshot 2021 05 11 at 23.43.31
    Data encoded into a visualisation such as a chart or map, within an app
  • Screenshot 2021 05 11 at 23.43.37
    Person decodes data. But our visual perception and cognitive processing can lead to errors in judgement!

Do you have a Product Story?

Did you design or manage a product that people use to make decisions about their health, finances, business or anything else?

Do you have specialist knowledge of visual analytics, behavioural science, or decision making?

Get in touch today, we want to hear from:

  • UX Designer or Researchers
  • Academics in the field of Behavioural Economics, Nudges, HCI etc?
  • Product Managers
  • Authors of a book about data, visualisations, decision-making, or design

We are an Independent Podcast

Brought to you by The Product of Everyday Things.  

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Welcome to the show!

I've worked in the tech industry for several years as a Product Manager, so I know what goes into the discovery, design, and delivery of it all. 

There's always a story to tell about how products are made, plus every company is different. I've seen first-hand how design + data can change peoples' behaviour for the better. The podcast will really be the first to pull that curtain back and celebrate the work of all these great people. 

We also have several academics and authors providing a different perspective on behaviour, statistics and design that helps to make the show feel more balanced.  

The concept for the show came out of a book idea I was researching. That book idea actually evolved out of my own published PhD research into Visual Analytics and Behavioural Economics.  

Paul, Producer of The product stories podcast

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